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of pain and had his eyes closed in and his hand over his face at some point. and kerry is a guy who's all his teammates and colleagues he keeps himself very fit according to all those within the organization. and right now it remains a mystery what he went through. bill: on one hand and houst he wasn't the only one right? >> that's right, john cox, head coach for the denver broncos have been told previously that he had a heart condition he was hoping to go into surgery for that condition when the season ended sometime in february, but he was playing golf in north carolina on saturday. and you have in terms of random success. and there's a heck of a lot of pressure on this head coach. bill: jonathan hunt, thank you so much. martha: here's a question for you. can a 6-foot 5 inches get hurt in this way? we will have that story next. bill: plus, who is obamacare hurting and who isn't helping? >> it's more than just a website. stick with power. stick with technology. get the flexcare platinum. new from philips sonicare. bill: more and more stories by the day, the backlash over obamacare. the w
? we get mad we send john kerry over with annoying plate of cheese. >> i'm american. martha: so over time. getting big trouble in the control room. jemu, michael. thank you for your time. gregg: plate of cheese. let's go over to jon scott standing by for "happening now." hey, jon. >> no choose on our show today, gregg. gregg: all right. >> obamacare rollout troubles continue unabated, word now six people, six were able to sign up on day one of the affordable health care exchanges. we're getting new info how badly the rollout was botched. we have analysis and news coming up. plus our first obamacare town hall on "happening now." what questions do you have? some of them on tap, how much will it cost to fix the websites? could this end up resulting in a single-payer system? do new policies really mean better coverage? tweet your questions at happening now. we'll be up in 10 minutes. gregg: looking forward that to, jon. thank you very much. do you recognize the star behind the costume? who ditched glamorous look for a geriatric get-up? we'll tell you made gregg: toronto's mayor in some l
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2